Ludwig P15011 Timpani Tension Tuning Key


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Ludwig P15011 Timpani Tension Tuning Key

Head Tuning

Keeping the head in tune with the pedal-balanced action, begin by bringing the head under even tension to its fundamental pitch by turning the key rods and tapping around the circumference of the head two to three inches from the rim at each tension rod. Then, determine the highest pitch on the head at a tension rod point and even out the lower pitches to equal this higher pitch. After the head is in tune with “itself’ apply hand pressure to the center of the head several times to seat the head properly onto the kettle edge. To help seat the head correctly, raise and lower the pitch of the kettle with the foot pedal or crank several times. This will stretch the head and conform it to the seating area on the kettle edge. Once again, go through the operation of tuning the head at each tension rod. This should give you a properly balanced and tuned head. The size of the kettle designates the range of each size timpani. Although most common literature indicates specific tunings and sizes of timpani, you need to know the approximate range of each size when tuning your timpani.

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