Rental Terms & Conditions


“Order” means the purchase checkout form to identify the ordered products or services.

“Goods” means the goods, products or services purchased as specified in the Order.

“Buyer” means the party or entity purchasing the Goods.

“Seller” means the company supplying the Goods to the Buyer.

The Seller warrants that the Goods correspond with the description in the Order. The Goods are new unless otherwise indicated. The Seller affirms that it sells the Goods free from all liens with a full title guarantee. Except for packaged goods by the manufacturer, for example, reeds or mouthpieces, the Seller makes every effort to inspect and test, where possible, all Goods before delivery. Some items may have different packaging than the website image through stock rotation. The Seller confirms that the Goods are properly packed and secured for delivery. Upon payment of the Goods, the Seller transfers any new product warranties made by the manufacturer. Property title in the Goods remains with The Seller until the Goods are delivered to a specific point as specified in the Order or picked up by the Buyer at the Seller’s location.


The rental of any instrument is an agreement between Musicare Inc., hereinafter called the “Lessor,” and the renter, hereinafter called the “Lessee.”

Suppose, for any reason, the rental equipment is not returned within 5 (five) consecutive working days after the due date of return, and the Lessee has not contacted Musicare. In that case, Musicare may, at its discretion, automatically renew the rental agreement for the same period as the original term and charge the Lessee’s credit card accordingly.

The Lessee acknowledges that they are responsible for the total replacement value of the rented equipment and accepts full responsibility for its care, custody, and control.

Suppose the rental equipment is returned or sent to Musicare for repair with damage beyond normal wear and tear. In that case, Musicare will inform the Lessee and automatically repair/restore or replace (as per the replacement value) the rental equipment to the same condition as when rented by the Lessee and charge the Lessee’s credit card accordingly.